For kids and others

The playground

Are you a child or are you good at living out your childish soul, then Lægårdens playground is just the place for you! The playgrounds facilities consist of:

  • 2 large climbing frames with much play in both for the young and older kids
  • 2 bouncy castles
  • Ropeway of 30 meters
  • Large football field
  • A petanque field. Balls and rules can be borrowed at the office
  • Moon Cars, 1, 2 and 3 persons. They can be rented by the hour and then you can run races on the track behind the playground
  • Tractor driving to the delight of both children and adults
  • Dog walking pen, where there is plenty of room for the four-legged to use energy and meet other dogs


In the goat pens live our 5 female goats. They get a visit from the buck around January and we hope that it is teeming with small lovely goat kids in the summer. There is always delightful life in the pens and it is life-affirming to stand and watch the little goats run around. It is possible to buy food in the store and the animals will love you! :-)


In the various pens in and around Lægårdens Camping goes our sheep. They've got lambs in the spring and is enjoying life in the pens. We use, amongst other things, the sheep to graze our pens down. Thus they are sometimes inside the dog pen eating grass. Has resulted in the arrival of sweet and lovely lambs this spring. You are welcome to go into the pen to see them.

It is possible to buy food in the store and the animals will love you! :-)

Chickens & ducks

Our chickens and ducks are both in the chicken coop and free range. They go mostly around the red house and in the garden, but also thinks the area around the cabins are very delicious.

Hot & Dog

Hot and Dog has moved in with us in late April. They liked it here incredibly quickly. They enjoy lying in their straw corner, and if you call they come quickly. If you go in to Hot and Dog, they are there right on the spot and they are very curious. And the best thing they know is if you bought a little animal food in the store - they'll love you for it.

We look forward to when it gets a little warmer for them to take mud bath.

You will find the pigs, in the red fold near the red house.

Early August, Hot and Dog has been sent to the slaughterhouse and turned into the most delicious pork roast.

For spring, we are ready to receive some more cute, little pigs and watch them grow and have a wonderful life.

Dina and Mikkel

Besides all our farmyard animals who enjoy life on Lægården Camping, you will surely get to meet our great Broholmer/Danish mastiff Dina who are with us in our daily work on Lægårdens Camping, and our cats Mikkel and Dolly who likes to cuddle.

One thing is certain: Dina follows Henrik the whole time, and if he goes somewhere, Dina goes with him!

Horses & donkeys

Bella and Gertrud is our little Shetland ponies and Delvin is a big gelding. Waldemar and Ludvig is our lovely donkeys.

They mostly goes around grazing on the other side of the road.

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