Service buildings

On Lægårdens Camping we can offer the use of two modern service buildings from 2003 and 2008/2009. In the service buildings we can offer you and your family:

  • Larger and smaller family rooms for the whole family
  • Toilets for all sizes
  • Bathroom
  • Nursery for the babies
  • Children's toilets
  • Room for disabled



With free gas burner, free hot water for dishwashing and a regular oven, you and the family can make exactly the meal, that is on the meal plan. The banqueting room is furnished with a television, tables and chairs, so you and your family are welcome to enjoy your cooked dinner together with the neighbors.

Laundry room

You don't need to fill the bags with clothes for several weeks, as there are opportunities to wash clothes with 3 machines and there are 2 dryers, iron and you can wash your clothes by hand. In the washing machines are added soap, so you don't have to bring it yourself. After washing and drying there is plenty of room to fold your clothes and have a chat with the other guests on the campsite.


Banqueting room

Every day is a celebration, also on Lægårdens Camping of course. Our banqueting room can accommodate about 120 people, and in the room there are tables and chairs, good acoustics and high ceilings. The kitchen is located right next to the room. It is not far from the playground, so the children can play between meals and get ready for dessert. The building from 2009 has a nice big entrance with a little running water, which makes it kind of exotic, and there are high ceilings.

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