Overview of activities at Lægårdens Camping

At Lægården camping, you and your family can experience the lovely nature of South Zealand. Our campsite is located between Køge and Møn in an area rich in nature and open skies. We have a wealth of activities and facilities for everyone in the family, so you can have just the family holiday you want.

Among our activities, we hold, among other things, a Creative activity for children. We have activities for all ages and hope you will participate. At Lægårdens Camping, we want a camping holiday to be inclusive for the whole family. With us you can have an active holiday with children, in a relaxing way.

In addition to the activities that we organize at the campsite, which you can see on this page, there are many other exciting things to spend your holiday on. As the campsite is in the middle of the beautiful Danish nature in South Zealand, there is plenty of opportunity to explore here and see what Karise and the surrounding towns have to offer. If you’ve arrived by car or are fresh from a walking or cycling trip, it’s worth visiting Faxe, Kalvehave or Møn, it’s worth the trip. Here, too, there are beautiful natural areas and many nice things to experience. On Møn you can experience, among other things, limestone cliffs, sandy beaches and market towns, which help complete an active holiday with children. There are also many other exciting activities on Zealand that you can see during your holiday if you want wonderful family experiences.

Holiday activities

If you wish to stay at the campsite, there is, among other things, the option of renting a mooncar at the reception. If you want to get closer to the campsite’s animals, you can buy feed for the animals at reception, which you can feed to the animals. We have playgrounds and green areas on the campsite that you can use for games and activities.

Camping is an opportunity to have a cheap and active holiday with children. A holiday for children should have room for play and fun, which is why Lægården Campingplads wants to accommodate the children at eye level with our activities.

Current events


Can be rented at the reception – Free of charge

Food for the animals

Food for the animals can be bought at the reception for DKK 10 per bucket. All animals can eat it and they love it if you come by. When cuddling with rabbits and guinea pigs, it is important that you are careful and sit down on the ground with the animals. If in doubt invite your parents along they will love it 🙂

If you have your own caravan or tent: check-in after 14 and payment before 12 and departure before 14.
If you have rented a cabin or mobile home, check in after 3pm and leave before 11.

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