Family holidays and camping

Enjoy a cozy and comfortable family holiday on a campsite in the middle of nature at Lægården camping

At Lægården camping, you and your family can experience the lovely nature of South Zealand. Our campsite is located between Køge and Møn in an area rich in nature and open skies.

We can meet everyone’s different needs for a good holiday with the family – whether it’s an active family holiday full of experiences or a more relaxing and cozy trip.

We have a beautiful, green campsite where the children can play carefree. We also have a large playground and stuffed animals at the campsite.

At Lægården camping, you have the option of camping or renting one of our wooden cabins or comfortable mobile homes.
At our campsite, you will be met by both young and old, pensioners and families with children. If you have a dog, you are welcome to bring it along, as we have a dog kennel and dog trails in the area.

Camping holiday

We have room for you and your family, here with us at the campsite. We have a modern and green campsite, with new service buildings for our campers. They contain everything you need on a camping holiday – toilets, bathrooms and family rooms. In a nice and fine condition. Call and inquire about available places on +45 56 71 00 67.

At Lægårdens Camping we can offer use of 2 modern service buildings from 2003 and 2008/2009 respectively. Our service buildings contain everything that might be needed on a family holiday. In the service buildings, we can thus offer you and your family:

  • Larger and smaller family rooms with space for the whole family
  • Toilets for all sizes
  • Bathroom
  • Nursery/babyroom
  • Children’s toilets
  • Room for disabled

Rental of cabins

Large playground, animals on the campsite and dog walking pad

At Lægården camping, we have tried to meet all the needs of our guests in the common areas. We thus have a large playground with bouncy pads, a cable car and a football pitch. So there are many hours of play for the family’s children at our campsite.

In addition, we don’t just have animals on the campsite, we actually have a mini zoo. Here are i.a. goats, rabbits and chickens. They are all used to children. There is therefore plenty of opportunity for the children to pet and caress the animals, and a visit to us can thus be equated with a farm holiday. See more about our activities for children below.

We have also provided for the small four-legged friends – we have both a dog walking path and a paddock, or dog kennel, so that the dogs can run, get aired and play with the other dogs.

Experience opportunities for the whole family near Lægården camping

Sometimes on a family holiday you need a little excursion. The area around Lægården camping offers several interesting tours. Firstly, the beach is close by, and we can recommend Vemmeltofte Strand, Gl. Strandskov or the beach at Faxe Ladeplads. All are within a 10-minute drive. It’s easy.

If you are visiting a museum, we can recommend Geomuseum Faxe or Rødvig’s Ship Engine Museum, both of which are nearby. Particularly popular is the Cold War Museum at Stevnsfort, which offers an exciting look into the bunker that was built during the Cold War and used to monitor the Baltic Sea.

With a slightly longer driving distance, you can get to Møns Klint, Lalandia or Knuthenborg Safaripark. Super good one-day trips that can be reached with a good hour’s drive each way. Our campsite is thus a good base for family excursions to these larger popular places.

If you want something delicious to eat, there is also a selection of restaurants near Lægården’s campsite. Café Frederiks Villa, Rødvig Fiskebutik and restaurant and Haarlev Kro are particularly popular. They are all worth a visit.

If you have your own caravan or tent: check-in after 14 and payment before 12 and departure before 14.
If you have rented a cabin or mobile home, check in after 3pm and leave before 11.


With a free gas burner, free hot water for washing up and a normal oven, you and the family can cook just the food that is on the meal plan. The party room is furnished with a TV, tables and chairs, so you and your family are welcome to enjoy your well-prepared dinner with, for example, the neighbour.

Party hall

Every day is a party, and of course it is also at Lægårdens Camping. In our party hall there is room for approx. 120 people, and the room has tables and chairs, good acoustics and high ceilings. Kitchen is right up from the room. The playground is not far away, so children can get their powder off and get ready for dessert. The building from 2009 has a nice large entrance area with some running water, which makes it a bit exotic, and high ceilings.


At Lægården camping, we know that children on outdoor family holidays tend to quickly get their clothes grounded. However, this does not mean that you need to fill your bag with clothes for several weeks.

In our laundry, there is plenty of opportunity to have clothes washed with 3 machines and 2 dryers, as well as ironing and hand washing clothes. Soap is added to the washing machines, so you do not have to bring it with you. After washing and drying or a load of laundry, there is plenty of space to fold your clothes and have a chat with the other guests on the square.


If you want to hear more about our campsite or mobile home and why it is perfect for a family holiday, you are very welcome to contact us. You can either write to us by email or call us on our telephone number +45 56 71 00 67.

You are of course also always welcome to drop by. We belong to South Zealand in Karise near Køge and Møn.