Shoppen is open all days between 08.00 - 18.00. In the main season the opening hours are longer. We look forward to seeing you in the shop. Our goal is to let you buy different things to a regular price - and not to be overpriced. We will do our best to have fresh meat for you to buy, so that you always can shop for dinner. 

We took over Shoppen the 01/12 - 2013. Bettina is the leader, and will be accountable for the maintenance of the goods in the shop. If you need anything you can ask Bettina. Except from Bettina, you can also meet Merete, Mikkel, Kira, Melanie Emma, Ditte and Camilla. Including the campsite administrators Tina & Henrik, with their 6 kids: Lisa, Jeppe, Ane, Aske, Lærke og Johanna. 

We are excited to bit you welcome to Shoppen. There is a cup of coffee, groceries and breakfast bread, so you won't be need anything. Also dairies are always ready on our shelves. 


Our assortment includes:

  • Fresh baked bread (Special wishes, must be ordered the day before)
  • We bake every day.
  • Fresh coffee and buttered bread.
  • The shelves are filled with fresh meat, meat products and milk etc.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Giftbaskets, company christmas presents and much more.
  • Magasins and newspapers.
  • Tips and Lotto.
  • Local specialities
  • Colonial goods
  • Fastfood, burger, pommes frites
  • Everything for barbecuering
  • Gas for the grill 209,- kr. (Taking priceregulations into consideration)
  • Candy, beer, water and "Gammeldaws" icecream (When it's hot outside)
  • The little shop has a big assortment, with fair prices.
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