About us

Before 1964, Lægården operated as a traditional farm by Inger and Olaf Olsen, but in 1964 Olaf went out on the little field on Vemmetoftevej and cut the grain down. When that was done, he opened Lægårdens Camping on the small, former cornfield. At that time there could exactly be squeezed 30 tent sites into the field.

The idea to found a campsite in Spjellerup came from the local grocery store owner, who would like to have a few more customers in the store. The campingsite became a success and attrackted a growing number of customers. Therefore it has also grown bigger and bigger every year and have received many wonderful activities and good facilities for the whole family.

In 2001 Inger and Olaf Olsen made Tina & Henrik Storm the new owners, who now runs Lægårdens camping with their 6 children.  As we say colloquially: "It is not a job but a lifestyle." We look forward to see you and give you a good holiday, weekend or a few days off!

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